Home Remodeling

Complete home remodeling including bathroom, kitchen, basement, windows and more!

Property Preservation

Rehab, preserve, and maximize the value of bank- and investor-owned properties with Swift Contractors

Investor Friendly

Trust Swift Contractors for all your investor rehabs. Get rent or sale ready with Swift Contractors!

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Property Maintanence

Swift Contractors LLC works with property managers, landlords,  lenders, homeowner’s associations, and others to ease the burden of owning rental properties and maintaining them. Rental properties are an investment and shouldn't be a hassle to the owners. Swift Contractors LLC is able to handle all the needs of the property from the full rehab, Eviction clean-outs and maintenance.

Investor Properties

Swift Contractors LLC works with commercial property managers and investor clients of all types and sizes. Our specialties include updating, remodeling, and modernizing office space, converting apartments to condominiums (or vice versa) as the market dictates, and making tenant improvements so that your existing available commercial space is better utilized to support your business. 

REO Rehab, Trash Out & Maintainence

Swift Contractors LLC specializes in the REO rehab market with years of experience in the property preservation industry. We partner with real estate brokers, lenders, asset managers, and investors to rehab, preserve, and maximize the value of bank- and investor-owned properties.

Economical Rehabs

Swift Contractors LLC works with property management companies and property owners to turn around their vacant units quickly. We seek the highest return on investment for clients and provide options and smart choices for you to consider when making your property rent-ready. Keeping in mind buy low, sell high, we give investors an economical approach to properties depending on the the intention whether its to sell or hold. We work closely with you to ensure the work we propose conforms to your budget, timeline, city codes, and state and federal requirements. 

Residential & Home Owner Construction

 In addition to its work with businesses,Swift Contractors LLC  offers a full range of services to homeowners and residential clients as well, including . . .

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Historical preservation
  • Home remodeling
  • New construction

Our Promise To You

Big or Small, every project is important to the team at Swift Contractors. Our team promises

  • Each project is completely reviewed for cost effectiveness.
  • Our work is completed in a timely manner.
  • We create as little disruption as possible.
  • We take great care to protect you business, investment, or personal space.
  • We respect your privacy and personal belongings.
  • We plan all work to be done around your schedule.
  • We always return phone calls and emails.